Summer camps serve kids from around the world

By Pam Bryant

Photo by Carleton Giles Eleven students from Carpi, Italy, add to the growing numbers of youth from other countries that choose Clemson summer camps. The students and their chaperone came for a chance to learn about American culture, meet new friends, brush up on their English and just have fun.

“This is the first time we’ve experienced an American camp and I think it’s great! Already, there is a strong connection between the students at camp,” said chaperone Roberta Rinaldi. “I wanted them to see how American youth live, observe their habits and share differences in culture. 4-H Camp is just what I was hoping for.”

In addition to 4-H camp, Clemson’s Youth Learning Institute operates three other residential summer camps across the state. This year, campers came from Italy, the Ukraine, South Korea, all 46 counties in South Carolina, and from 12 other states.

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