Water Forum explores issues related to the next “war between the states”

By Peter Kent

WaterfallThe next “war between the states” may be over water. Georgia needs water for metro Atlanta. North Carolina needs water for Charlotte. South Carolina is in the middle. What must to be done to ensure that we have the water we need?

To answer this question, Clemson University’s Restoration Institute sponsored a Water Forum in April to provide an update on South Carolina water policy and funding opportunities for water issues research and outreach.

The forum attracted some 120 faculty, staff and graduate students who heard presentations from state and federal water agency representatives in a panel discussion on water issues facing South Carolina and Georgia. Keynote speaker was Dean Moss, a member of the Governor’s Water Law Review Team, who spoke on “Savannah River Issues, the View from the Sea Buoy.”

“The purpose of the forum is to establish interdisciplinary teams to address South Carolina’s critical water issues through research, education, and public service,” said Gene Eidson, forum organizer and restoration ecology director for the Institute.

For more information: http://restoration.clemson.edu/ecology/ or Gene Eidson, 864-656-2619, geidson@clemson.edu.