Students discover the science of learning

By Allison Caldwell

Clemson Student InvestigatorsThis spring, 98 middle school students from across the state came to the Youth Learning Institute in Pickens for a new learning adventure called CSI: Clemson Student Investigators.

The three-day program teaches students to solve mysteries using math, forensic science and technology. Hands-on activities include hair and handwriting analyses, pH tests, paper chromatography and footprint casting.

While students engage in forensic fun, teachers earn continuing education credits through workshops developed and led by Institute staff. Courses such as The Resilient Educator and Catalytic Learning prepare teachers to respond clearly and quickly under pressure, stop the negative impact of stress, and engage students in learning.

One teacher's evaluation comment was: "This was our schools first overnight field experience and it was great! The academics and instruction were sound and thoroughly engaged the students. We are very pleased that we chose CSI, and hope it will become a tradition for our school."

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