Improved crop and livestock facilities support research

By Tom Lollis

PeanutsCrop and livestock research infrastructure improvements are underway at Edisto Research and Education Center, through $1 million in funding from the South Carolina General Assembly.

“We have installed 10 new irrigation systems, which brings our total to about 300 acres of irrigated plots for row crop and vegetable research,” said Steve Meadows, resident director. “That makes Edisto very competitive for research grant funding.”

Improvements also include a peanut grading and research laboratory of around 4,000 square feet. “That will allow us to address producer needs for both post-harvest research and Extension projects,” Meadows said.

A new cattle facility of about 5,000 square feet is also in development. It will be used for the annual Edisto Forage Bull Test Sale and educational programs. New fencing and additional upgrades will support a forage-fed cattle research initiative with USDA, the University of West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Auburn University. Genetics and breeding research are part of this initiative. The new buildings should be ready by late summer 2007.

For information: Steve Meadows, 803-284-3343, ext. 270,