Certified Crop Advisors training consolidated

By Peter Kent

Researcher giving presentation on cornCertified Crop Advisors are a vital resource for South Carolina’s farmers, providing information and advice on crop production, soil nutrients, pest management and soil and water relationships.

To maintain their certification, they must complete 20 hours of intensive training per year. In the past, these trainings had been held throughout the year in various locations across the state. This year Clemson Extension agents Russell Duncan and Charles Davis offered all of the required training at one time through a three-day certification program.

The training was held this fall in Santee and reached nearly half of the 78 Certified Crop Advisors in the state. The professional advisors found the training to be very effective, more convenient, and more cost-effective than the previous method, particularly with the high price of gasoline.

For information: Russell Duncan, 803-460-7260, rdncn@clemson.edu