Drought information is online

By Diane Palmer

Planting in dry lotMost of South Carolina has experienced drought conditions during eight of the last 10 years due to inadequate rainfall. Drought conditions range from abnormally dry to exceptionally dry across the state. Without sufficient moisture, plants cannot grow properly and become susceptible to other stresses in the environment. 

Clemson University’s Home and Garden Information Center has placed drought information leaflets online to help care for plants during these dry periods.  

The leaflets include: Watering Shrubs and Trees, Watering Lawns, Watering the Vegetable Garden, Mulch, Plants for Dry Areas, Conserving Water in Your Landscape, and Drought. The free information is at: http://hgic.clemson.edu/ at the bottom left of the screen: Drought Update

For information: Joey Williamson, 864-656-9999, jwwill@clemson.edu