New packaging technology keeps food fresher, more appealing

By Peter Kent

Keeping food fresh, appealing and ready-to-eat are top packaging preferences for consumers. Keeping packaging costs down is the manufacturer’s top concern.Scientist examining packaging technology

Packaging scientist Kay Cooksey specializes in new packaging products and processes that can benefit both the consumer and the producer. Today, the emphasis is on “active” packaging, which gives foods longer shelf life and added value.

Active packaging materials do more than protect, store and transport foods. They interact with the food, adding to the shelf life and improving the product. Traditional shelf life-extending ingredients and processes can reduce nutrients and add unwanted tastes and odors or change the texture or appearance of the food.

“Using different types of plastic films and including ‘sachets’ – those little packets you see in fresh food – protect food from mold and bacteria,” Cooksey said. “The goal is keep food fresh longer and to find new ways to reduce packaging costs."

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