4-H20 Pontoon Classroom teaches value of clean water

By Diane Palmer

Scientists teaching camp on lakePollution of our lakes, rivers and streams continues to be a concern in our state. Education is the key to teach children the consequences of not keeping our waters clean. 

They are beginning to learn the value of clean water in a hands-on science inquiry program called the 4-H20 Pontoon Classroom. The 4-H program builds practical knowledge of local water resources and teaches field, analytical and critical thinking skills. 

Twenty children, ages 10-12, attended a week-long camp at Lake Murray in Lexington County this summer. The camp combined outdoor adventures in and on the water with classroom activities, sports, homework and lessons on the history of Lake Murray and on protecting and preserving our environment.

“I learned about pollution and water runoff,” said camper Colin Anderson. “I never knew how bad it is. Trees help stop the problem.”

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