Recycled agricultural waste generates biofuel

By Peter Kent

pigs; photo by laura hedden

Recycling waste products is environmentally and economically vital for the state, nation and world. Santee Cooper and Clemson’s S.C. Institute for Energy Studies are partnering on a farm-to-fuel demonstration project that will convert swine waste, crop residue and energy crops into biogas to generate electricity.

“If agricultural waste and crops are to be used successfully as a significant source of electricity, we need a model that will generate large quantities of electricity at reasonable prices,” said Robert Leitner, associate director of the Institute for Energy Studies.

“This project also has the potential to stimulate the economy in agricultural regions throughout the state, and its design will address other common agriculture waste streams in South Carolina, such as poultry litter and dairy manure. It’s a winner all the way around.”

For information: Robert Leitner, 864-656-2267,