Community Fellows take volunteering to a new level

By Kerry Coffey

three men in suits; photo by kerry coffey

A dedicated group of volunteers is embarking on year-long projects to extend the vision of Strong Communities. This initiative to prevent child abuse and neglect serves families in southern Greenville County and adjacent areas of Anderson and Laurens counties.

The 26 volunteers, called Clemson Community Fellows, are organized into two groups. David Taylor, pastor of Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Simpsonville, leads one group and Michael Wolfe, pastor of Augusta Road United Methodist Church in Pelzer, leads the other.

“In these times of uncertainty and risk, it is easy to retreat into looking out for ‘me and mine,’ but that attitude deprives ‘me and mine’ of the richness of broader community connections,” David Taylor said. “I feel that I need the community as much as the community needs me.”

Projects include a community book project to celebrate volunteerism and increase community engagement and a project to increase family participation in parent/child activity centers.

For more information: Strong Communities, 864-688-2214, or