Bull testing program gives cattlemen data on superior cattle

By Peter Kent

man testing a bullA recent issue of National Cattlemen magazine estimated that South Carolina has 215,000 beef cattle, down from 280,000 in years past. Clemson beef cattle experts are working with the SC Cattlemen’s Association to improve the quality, productivity and profitability of cows and calves in the state.

The Clemson bull testing program at Edisto Research and Education Center in Blackville evaluates the growth rate of bulls consigned primarily by purebred breeders. The program allows producers to compare their breeding and management programs to the rest of the state’s purebred industry. 

The tests help both consignors and buyers identify bulls with superior growth, conformation and fertility for their breeding programs. Records indicate there has been great improvement of the bulls in all three areas.

For information: Larry Olson, 843-284-3343, lolson@clemson.edu