Improved livestock research facility to support cattle industry

By Peter Kent

cow's faceResearch farm facilities at Clemson’s Simpson Station are being upgraded to help beef cattlemen produce better quality meat. The improvements will aid scientists seeking to improve livestock genetics, health, nutrition and dinner-plate appeal.

“The cattle business is changing and we need to change with it,” said Garland Veasey, director of research farm services. “We want our researchers to have the outdoor laboratory resources they need to support the livestock industry.”

The upgrades include better farm security, reworked research pastures, and on-site treatment and testing areas. Livestock research at Clemson has helped producers improve cattle health and nutrition, fertility and reproduction, and fat characteristics of meat.

Now scientists are investigating pasture-finished beef, where cattle grow to market size on grasses instead of feedlot corn. Consumer trends have shown grass-fed beef has market appeal, adding to producers’ profitability.

For information: Garland Veasey, 864-656-3477,