Water resources conference will address state and regional issues

By Sonya R. Albury-Crandall

woman sampling waterMore than 100 presentations have been submitted for the first S.C. Water Resources Conference October 14-15 in North Charleston. Presentations will address critical water issues affecting the state and the Southeast region, with a focus on research and policies vital to the quality of life and economic prosperity.

The conference seeks to build collaboration among all organizations concerned with water issues: public policy decision makers, municipal water authorities, environmental engineering and consulting firms, colleges and universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, economic development groups, utility companies, land managers and concerned citizens.

Led by the Center for Watershed Excellence at Clemson, the conference planning committee includes representatives from Coastal Carolina University, College of Charleston, Medical University of S.C., University of S.C., as well as local, state and federal agencies responsible for water quality.

For more information: Gene Eidson, 864-656-2619, geidson@clemson.edu