Educators experience first teacher renewal programs

By Pam Bryant

In July public school teachers from across the state gathered to help design a teacher renewal program that is expected to serve thousands of their colleagues over the next decade.

The inaugural seminar of the S.C. Teacher Renewal Center brought 20 teachers to Clemson’s Youth Learning Institute in Pickens. They previewed nature-based health and wellness experiences; participated in creative inquiry projects, a nature hike and a forensic science experience; and provided their thoughts for future programs.

“The purpose of the Teacher Renewal Center is to retain the state’s best teachers, reward them for their dedication and renew their passion for teaching,” said Jack Blodgett, seminar coordinator. “Input from these teachers is essential to develop programs that accomplish these goals.”

The Teacher Renewal Center is a partnership among the S.C. Department of Education, The Cliffs Communities, and Clemson University. Forestland between Lakes Keowee and Hartwell was donated by The Cliffs Communities for the center that is planned to include a hotel, restaurant and conference complex.

For information: Jack Blodgett, 864-650-7018,