Volunteers landscape McCormick school grounds

By Diane Palmer

Two volunteers planting a treeThe new elementary and middle school complex in McCormick County has a professional landscape because of a volunteer team led by Clemson Extension agent Wallace Wood.

He organized a landscape committee that included an urban forester from the S.C. Forestry Commission, a local landscaper, a landscape architect and school district maintenance staff. They planted 130 trees and ground cover to reduce erosion and applied lime and fertilizer to grassy areas.

Master Gardeners donated 100 hours to install four Carolina Fence Gardens that incorporate state symbols such as the Carolina wren, Carolina jessamine and blue granite. The volunteers also continue to teach students, teachers and school personnel how to maintain the landscaping.

Because of the volunteers’ donation of time and services, the schools have a welcoming appearance. A transportation enhancement grant from the S.C. Department of Transportation helped provide materials for the project.

For information: Wallace Wood, 864-465-2112, Ext. 11, wwd@clemson.edu