Clemson horses compete in World Championship Show

By Peter Kent

horse and rider, photo by KC MontgomeryIn South Carolina, more than 40,000 people own more than 100,000 horses. That’s as many horses per capita as Texas, and still growing. Clemson’s Equine Center supports the industry through research, teaching and Extension programs. using a herd of about 100 horses.

In the fall, three Clemson-bred horses were invited to compete for the first time at the American Quarter Horse Association. World Championship Show in Oklahoma City. Competitors came from 48 states and six countries but Clemson horses were the only ones bred and owned by a university.

“It was terrific for our team members to interact with so many world-class competitors and trainers,” said Kari Tankersley, equine center manager.

The center’s breeding program produces horses that are ideally suited for teaching students in equine management and pre-veterinary programs. The center also serves as a research laboratory. “Chris Mortensen is studying the impact of stress on mare fertility,” said Tankersley. “In the past, Clemson researchers have helped develop medications that increased the chances that mares would deliver healthy foals.”

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