Tri-county cattlemen increase sales and profits

By Tom Lollis

cattle, photo by Tom LollisBeef producers in Chester, York and Lancaster counties celebrated their 30th year marketing feeder calves with the Tri-County Cattlemen’s Association.

Allen Beer has been a member since the association began in 1977. He credits the late Robert Vaughn, Clemson Extension livestock agent at the time, with helping area cattlemen change their focus from production to marketing.

“We got a good price and went on from there,” he said of the initial sale. “Now we do whatever is needed to produce healthy cattle – preconditioning, vaccinating and now electronic identification (EID) tags.” Preconditioning allows producers to sell calves that are 90-100< pounds heavier than if they were sold as weanlings, according to Brian Beer, Extension livestock agent and Allen Beer’s son

“Truckload lots usually bring 4-8 cents per pound more than cattle sold one at a time,” he said. This fall 27 tri-county producers consigned 1,472 calves – 21 loads – to the annual sale.

For information: Brian Beer, 803-283-3302, ext. 115,