“Silvopasture” combines timber, pasture and cattle

By Tom Lollis

a man standing with a white cow, photo by Beth Richardson

Forest landowners who own cattlemen are learning how to combine livestock, forages and timber into one production system, called silvopasture.

Beth Richardson, Clemson extension agent for forestry and wildlife, conducted a seminar this fall at the Edisto Research & Education Center in Blackville. Participants learned about the system practiced in South Alabama, where a breed called pineywood cattle have grazed in the forest for centuries.

“The cattle are feral stock descended from animals introduced by Spanish explorers, and they learned to fend for themselves in the longleaf pine forests and swamps of the Southeast,” she said. They tolerate heat, resist parasites and diseases, help control competition in the forest and provide an alternative income source.

For information: Beth Richardson, 803-534-6280, mrchrds@clemson.edu