Book helps parents and educators prevent cyber bullying

By Kerry Coffey

book cover: Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital AgeA comprehensive book to address the threat of “cyber bullying” was released this fall, co-authored by Clemson professors and a consultant. Cyber bullying, also known as electronic bullying or social cruelty, can occur through email, instant messaging, in a chat room, on a social website or gaming site, and through digital messages or images sent to a cellular phone.

Titled “Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age,” the book covers three major areas: laws and policies, the role of parents in monitoring Internet access, and the role of educators in prevention and intervention. Authors are Susan Limber, professor in the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life; Robin Kowalski, psychology professor; and consultant Patricia Agatston.

“Probably the most effective way to prevent and address cyber bullying is to make sure that parents and educators have an ongoing dialogue with children about it, including expectations for online behavior and what to do if you are cyber bullied or witness someone else being cyber bullied,” said Limber.

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