Carolina Clear launches rain garden manual

By Peter Hull

Carolina Clear rain garden manualStormwater education and awareness program Carolina Clear has published a rain garden manual to help homeowners manage yard and rooftop runoff.The 16-page manual is available for free download from the Carolina Clear Web site, or a bound copy can be purchased for $4.

The popularity of rain gardens has grown enormously as more people become aware of the effects of their homes and yards on nearby water bodies, said Katie Giacalone, Carolina Clear statewide coordinator.

As development spreads, so does the area of impervious surfaces, such as roads, parking lots and sidewalks. Water runs over these surfaces and picks up pollutants, which are carried to lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Rain gardens let nature play a role. They remove pollutants that otherwise would affect water quality and allow stormwater to infiltrate the groundwater table.
“Building rain gardens is something entire neighborhoods can do to reduce how the environment is affected,” Giacalone said.

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