Fighting food-borne illnesses in child-care centers

By Peter Kent

Hands and petri dishAn invisible enemy in child-care centers is bacteria and other food-borne microbes that cause illnesses. The danger is especially high for infants and young children to contract severe food-borne diseases that can cause illness or even death.
Research led by Clemson food scientist Angela Fraser is seeking to prevent these infections. Funded by a USDA grant, Fraser and food safety colleagues from the Research Triangle Institute and N.C. State University are gathering information from 100 licensed child-care facilities in both Carolinas.
They are observing food-handling, hygiene and sanitation practices of child-care workers and measure the levels of microbes. Their findings will be used to develop food-safety training programs for child-care workers and delivered to trainers via by the Partnership for Food Safety Education.


For more information: Angela Fraser, 864-656-3652, or