Vice President’s Message

Dr. John W. KellyAs a result of state budget reductions, we had to make strategic decisions about how to continue our core mission with significantly less resources. As of July 1, the cuts amounted to $13.9 million, or more than 26% of our state funds.

This is below the state funding level in 1989, without adjusting for inflation or increases in the state’s population. To deal with cuts of this magnitude, we implemented a mandatory five-day furlough and a hiring freeze, eliminated vacant and temporary positions, offered a voluntary early
retirement program, significantly reduced operating expenses, and deferred much needed renovations to animal research farms.

Clemson Public Service now has 165 fewer employee positions than last year. One noticeable change is that Extension agents are now covering multiple counties.

We will continue to follow our strategic plan, adopted in 2005, to reduce dependence on state funding. This involves both seeking alternate revenue sources and carefully reviewing our programs in light of the state’s needs and the availability of resources.

You’ll notice that this issue of Clemson Impacts is smaller than previous issues, and focuses on work in agriculture and environmental conservation. Reports on these and other areas are online at We also have reduced the number of editions from four to three to reduce printing costs.

Our goal is to identify the most effective and cost-efficient manner to develop and deliver the science-based information needed to stimulate economic recovery in South Carolina – particularly in the agriculture and natural resources sector.


John W. Kelly
Vice President for Public Service and Agriculture