Zest Quest® provides wellness education for children

By Pam Bryant

Zest Quest LogoInteractive wellness and nutrition education program are being developed for elementary schools across the state to inspire children to lead healthier lives.

Zest Quest® was launched in 2004 by The Cliffs Communities founder to encourage children and their families to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. The collaborative program involves school boards, administrators, teachers and community mentors as well as elementary school students and their families.

It combines state educational standards with daily healthy habits to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices while reinforcing children’s math, science, social studies and English language arts skills. The pilot program has been offered in 12 elementary schools. Now the program is poised to grow through a partnership with Clemson’s Youth Learning Institute (YLI). 

“YLI’s passion for kids and its statewide influence make it the right choice to take Zest Quest® program to the next level,” said Rick Fisher, director of The Cliffs’ foundations. “Their leadership will allow the program to expand into elementary schools and other venues across the state.” The foundations have pledged funding for three years to help expand the program.


For information:  Patsy Wood Smith, 864-884-7073, patsys@clemson.edu or www.zestquest.org/