Saving a rainy day

By Peter Hull

Image depicts presentation of rainbarrells.Save money and water: make a rain barrel. 

“Now more than ever, the use of rain barrels is an important consideration and wise investment for homeowners across South Carolina,” said Katie Giacalone, Carolina Clear natural resources coordinator.

Rain barrels reuse rainwater to irrigate gardens and lawns. They also help keep stormwater away from a home’s foundation and out of the storm drains, ditches and rivers.

Commercial rain barrels sell for about $150, but Charleston County Extension agent Dave Joyner showed a class of Master Gardeners how to make a rain barrel for less than $50. The volunteer gardeners can now conduct classes for the public to encourage water conservation.

“Most people are surprised at the amount of water that comes off their roof,” Joyner said. “One inch of rainfall over a 1,000-square-foot roof yields more than 600 gallons of water.” The average rainfall in the coastal region is about 50 inches per year.

For information: David Joyner, 843-722-5940, ext. 125,