‘We all live downstream’ the message from Carolina Clear campaign

By Peter Hull

Clemson’s stormwater education and awareness program, Carolina Clear, rolled out its first multimedia advertising campaign in November.

Television and radio commercials, and seven billboards across two coastal regions, carry a simple message: “Remember, we all live downstream.” The campaign debuted in the Charleston and Myrtle Beach markets before appearing in other regions of the state.

Carolina Clear’s goal is to minimize polluted stormwater runoff by educating the general public, youth, builders, developers, homeowners and government officials about how they can keep water in the state’s streams, rivers and basins as clean as possible.

“It is everyone’s responsibility, from local governments to the general public, to keep surface waters free of pollution,” said Katie Giacalone, Carolina Clear’s statewide coordinator.

“Stormwater pollution is people pollution, and we all can play a role in keeping South Carolina’s waters clean, drinkable and swimmable for the next generation,” Giacalone said.

Image depicts Carolina Clear logo.

For more information: Katie Giacalone, 843-554-7226, ext. 115, kgiacal@clemson.edu; www.clemson.edu/public/carolinaclear/