Safe food-handling information now in Chinese

By Peter Kent

Take-out and restaurant dining has become a way of life. Making sure foodservice workers practice safe food-handling is an ongoing challenge for public health experts. Without proper training, workers might inadvertently cause a food-borne illness, such as salmonella.

“Chinese is the third most commonly spoken language in U.S. foodservice operations, following English and Spanish,” said Angela Fraser, food scientist. “In many areas of the U.S., food safety educators only speak English so it is difficult for them to train Chinese-speaking foodservice workers.”

To address this issue, Fraser worked to develop a series of food safety training materials that are based on U.S. safety standards and are available in both English and Chinese. She was joined by colleagues at New Mexico State University and the Danyun Institute in China.

Materials are available in English and Simplified Chinese at

For information: Angela Fraser, 864-656-3652,