Beekeepers Association seeks research partners

By Diane Palmer

Image depicts beehive.The honey bee pollinates nearly one-third of the food crops we eat but the number of colonies in the U.S. has declined from about 5.5 million to fewer than 2.4 million. The bees are fighting for survival from attacks by mites, small hive beetles and now the mysterious “colony collapse disorder.” 

“Keeping enough healthy colonies to ensure the availability of wholesome, nutritious, locally grown fruits and vegetables in South Carolina is becoming more and more difficult,” said Mike Hood, Clemson bee specialist.

He is working with the S.C. Beekeepers Association to raise funds for honey bee research. One project, called “Save Our Bees,” aims to underwrite small research projects to help local beekeepers. Another would establish an endowment for a Clemson University graduate student to conduct honey bee research. Donations to both funds are tax deductible.

For information: Mike Hood, 864-656-0346,