Cherokee County 4-H helps schools save the environment

By Diane Palmer

Image depicts girls making a presentation on recycling.

Landfills are filling up fast because too many items that could be recycled are thrown away instead. One estimate is that only 30% of discarded materials are recycled.  This throw-away mentality threatens to reduce both natural resources and our quality of life. 

To raise awareness of the issue, Cherokee County 4-H, in conjunction with the county Recycling Center, conducted a “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Campaign” in five schools last year.  Students, faculty and parents all collected paper to recycle and competed for the title of Cherokee County Recycling Champion.

The goal for each school was to recycle 100 pounds of paper each week during the 12-week campaign. At the end of the program, they had collected a total of 20,616 pounds of paper – more than three times their goal.

“The students, teachers and families made this campaign a tremendous success,” said Alana West, 4-H coordinator for the event. “Now we hope they will continue recycling and encourage others to participate also."

For information: Alana West, 864-489-3141, ext. 115,