Endowed chair in sustainable development

By Peter Hull

A rapidly growing population is placing unsustainable demands on our natural resources. Without action, economies and quality of life nationwide risk compromise.

To help mitigate these effects, Clemson University has established the Center of Economic Excellence in Sustainable Development. The center will foster research through innovative public-private partnerships linked by a common thread of environmental sustainability.

Gene Eidson, professor of biological sciences and the principal investigator who led the effort to create the new center and endowment, said, “The work of this center will be broad and deep, and reach into almost every aspect of the natural and built environments.”

“The center will consolidate faculty expertise from across campus to initiate a world-class research enterprise to develop the technological foundation of sustainable development.”

Partnerships and licensing agreements built on intellectual property developed by the center will help create high-paying, “green economy” jobs supporting graduates from South Carolina colleges and skilled workers trained in the state’s technical schools.

The resulting tools, products and services will enable the state to monitor, manage and protect its natural environment — the principal driver of its key tourism, forestry and agricultural economies.


For information: Gene Eidson, 864-710-0882, geidson@clemson.edu