Mobile precision ag lab takes research to the farmer

By Peter Hull

Will Henderson with mobile ag labRecognizing that not everyone has the time or means to visit field days at Clemson’s research and education centers, the new Clemson University Mobile Precision Ag Lab takes research to the farmer.

From the back of the trailer, Extension agent Will Henderson can share real-time results of Clemson studies and demonstrate the principles of precision agriculture.

Precision agriculture is the practice of using remote-sensing, soil sampling and information-management tools to optimize crop production.

The intent is to improve the accuracy of applying water or chemicals within a field. The targeted management of precision agriculture is in contrast to whole-field or whole-farm management, where inputs are applied uniformly. This approach helps protect the environment and improve yields and the grower’s bottom line.

“Our goal is to help farmers and growers become as efficient as possible, and ultimately save money,” Henderson said.

For information: Will Henderson, 803-284-3343 ext. 244,