Clemson makes sure seeds are worth planting

By Peter Kent

Seed Harvesting a good crop means starting with good seed. A partnership between Clemson and the S.C. Crop Improvement Association is seeking to bring growers the highest quality planting stock as soon as possible.

“Our mission is to cooperate with Clemson University, USDA and other agricultural agencies in developing, testing, producing and distributing superior strains and varieties of planting stock,” said Chris Ray, director of the crop improvement program.

Foundation seed will be produced at Clemson University Experiment Station research centers, either from varieties developed by Clemson scientists or with the approval of the original plant breeder.

The crop improvement program will affect row crops, such as soybeans and corn, as well as turfgrass, fruits and vegetables, ranging from peaches to heirloom vegetables. Home gardeners also will be able to get seed from the association in the near future.

“It’s going to take a year for us to be fully operational, but we welcome hearing from growers, seedsmen and gardeners,” said Ray.


 For more information: or Chris Ray, 864-656-2520,