4-H sport shooting draws statewide competitors

By Pam Bryant

4-H Shooting teamShooters of all ages took aim and fired away to help SC 4-H reach its fundraising goal at the second annual Sporting Clays Tournament in February. A total of 70 shooters came from across the state for camaraderie, sportsmanship, fellowship and fun.

SC 4-H State Leader Pam Ardern said the Sporting Clays Tournament helps the program raise funds to support youth scholarships for state and national conventions, as well as the 4-H Shooting Sports Program.

“Like all of our 4-H programs, shooting sports foster youth development and teach important life skills to young people,” Ardern said. “Shooting sports help youth develop self-confidence, personal discipline, responsibility, teamwork, self-esteem and sportsmanship.” 

4-H Shooting teamRick Willey, who directs the statewide 4-H Shooting Sports Program, said there is growing interest in South Carolina for recreational shooting sports, conservation, hunting and gun safety programs. 
“The discipline and self-control required for responsible use of firearms teaches skills that carry over into many other aspects of life,” said Willey. 

Sporting Clays Tournament winners were:

  • First Place Team sponsored by Arbor One (adult shooters): Richard Calhoun (individual score 77), Brownie Campbell (individual score 75), Bill Aston (individual score 70); total team score 222
  • Second Place Team sponsored by Mid-Carolina Gun Club (4-H youth shooters): Will Till (individual score 72), Thomas Dressel (individual score 70), Conrad Salvagin (individual score 59); total team score 201
  • Third Place Team sponsored by Ag South (Newberry 4-H Youth Shooters): Kody Brown (individual score 69), Jody Perry (individual score 59), Kenny Nicholson (individual score 69); total team score 197

High overall score winners were:          

  • Female High Score Shooter: Darby Hamer, score of 53, representing Arbor One from Dillon 4-H Club
  • Adult High Score Shooter: Richard Calhoun, score of 77, representing Arbor One
  • Junior Youth High Score Shooter: Patrick Mills, score of 77, representing Ag First from Newberry 4-H
  • Senior Youth High Score Shooter: Graham Jackson, score of 80, representing Marlboro 4-H. Jackson also finished with the high score of the day.

For information: Pam Ardern, 864-650-0295, pardern@clemson.edu