Our First Line of Defense

Something is always out there. At any given moment, an invasive plant, a devastating disease or an unseen insect can threaten our homes, our farms, our livestock or our livelihood.

This is when we turn to our front-line defenders: the regulatory professionals assigned to identify the threats and help keep us safe from attack.

At Clemson, the Regulatory Services and Livestock and Poultry Health divisions keep a watchful eye on plants, animals and the chemicals used to protect them. Unseen to most of us, they monitor the spread of potential pests through the state, inspect businesses that trade in plant material and meat and poultry products, and license the professionals who apply pesticides.

Officials with the Department of Plant Industry, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Animal Health Programs and Meat and Poultry Inspection must be able both to spring into action in an emergency and maintain ongoing prevention programs to protect farmers and the public.