Baruch, Yawkey Wildlife Center join forces in coastal ecology research

By Jonathan Veit

Improving the management of coastal wildlife and natural resources is the goal of a new research partnership involving Clemson’s Belle W. Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center and the Yawkey Foundations.

Clemson faculty and students will participate in collaborative research into coastal resources management and share research findings with natural resources professionals, decision-makers and stakeholders throughout South Carolina and the nation.

“Given their geographical proximity and aligned interests, it makes perfect sense for Clemson’s Baruch Institute and the Yawkey Center to collaborate on wildlife and natural resources research,” said Skip Van Bloem, forest ecologist and Baruch Institute director. “The collaboration will contribute to more efficient and sustainable coastal conservation.”

The Baruch Institute is located on 17,500 acres near Georgetown and is dedicated to research and outreach focused on the ecology and management of the natural resources of coastal South Carolina.

The Yawkey Center consists of North, South and Cat Islands and encompasses 24,000 acres. The property with its diverse habitats, including salt marshes, managed wetlands, wildlife openings, ocean beaches, longleaf pine uplands and maritime forests, is dedicated as a wildlife preserve and waterfowl refuge, and a research and education center.

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