Permit Information

Application to Operate a Sale for Livestock, Poultry, or Equids  (.pdf, 89 KB)

  • Livestock Auction Market (cattle, swine, goats, sheep)
  • Livestock Auction Market After-Hours Restricted (cattle, swine, goats, sheep)
  • Miscellaneous Sale (in-state poultry & goats)
  • Daily Buying Station (Swine Slaughter Assembly Point)
  • Equine Sales Facility (horses, donkeys, mules)

Application for Livestock Dealer or Miscellaneous Sale Vendor Permits (.pdf, 42 KB)

  • Livestock Dealer Permit (cattle, swine, goats, sheep, poultry, equine)
  • Miscellaneous Sale - Vendor (in-state poultry & goats)

Application to Operate a Exposition for Livestock, Poultry, or Equids

  • Exposition (cattle, swine, goats, sheep, equine, poultry, other)

Equine Event Permit