Veterinary Extension

Beginning in the fall of 2008, all veterinarians in AHP will be assigned some extension responsibilities consistent with their areas of expertise. Program delivery will be coordinated with and through the Livestock & Forages Program team. In addition to the traditional groups served by the team, AHP vets will also serve veterinarians working with SC livestock. One of the main goals will be to improve the quality and availability of veterinary services to SC Livestock producers. AHP experts will provide training and other assistance to veterinarians willing to serve the livestock producers of the state as preferred option. In addition, AHP vets will provide training for and serve as a resource to livestock extension agents and the producers they work with. This collaboration will also be available to AVS department as well as the Experiment Station Research Farms. An initial strategy will be to begin developing and updating relevant Clemson extension bulletins on specific animal health and related management topics.

Primary groups expected to use the expertise of AHP veterinarians in their extension roles:

  • Accredited Veterinarians serving livestock and poultry
  • Extension livestock agents
  • Food animal clients of the Clemson Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory without a veterinarian
  • Livestock and poultry producers
  • Clemson AVS & extension faculty doing applied research

Extension Veterinarians:

Animal Health Programs Phone: 803-726-7805

Clemson Extension Link