South Carolina Master Naturalist Chapters

Joining a Chapter or Association

After your training is finished, you’ll need to complete 30 hours per year of volunteer service (including 8 hours per year of advanced training) to become fully certified as a Master Naturalist. The easiest way to find volunteer opportunities is to become involved in your local chapter or to help start one if one doesn’t exist in your area. If your area doesn’t have a chapter, you must contact the State Office for help. Here are some of the benefits of local chapters:

Regional Associations

Blue Ridge/Piedmont


Coastal Plain/Coastal Zone

  • The ability to share experiences and skills with like-minded individuals in the community, helping to create a winning team that can accomplish many things for nature-based projects and natural resource conservation.
  • Providing continuing education and appreciation for the diversity of native ecosystems including the factors that impact their health.
  • Demonstrating knowledge and skills that can help to provide motivation and inspiration for others to follow.
  • Developing and accomplishing community projects that promote good will and appreciation of the local environment.
  • Providing an action and goal-oriented platform of participation in the environmental welfare of the community.
  • Promoting environmental awareness and appreciation to new generations of young people through outreach initiatives.

Dr. James H. Blake
State Coordinator
SC Master Naturalist Program
P. O. Box 995
Pickens, SC 29671