Master Naturalist Training Forms

These forms are required by the State Office for every participant who enrolls in a Master Naturalist training course, through our various Host Sites located throughout the state. The forms are provided to each volunteer by the Host Site on first day of training, unless otherwise stated by the Host Site.

    • General Release and Liability This form is required of all participants. You may additionally be asked to sign a waiver specific to the Host Site.

    • Safety (ICE) Form If you don't already have an "In Case of Emergency" form stored in your cell phone, please feel free to use this one. It is for your use only, not to be shared with anyone except emergency personnel and should be kept on your person in case of an emergency.

The State Office of the Master Naturalist program offers these services to the MN Host Sites:

  • Special-Risk Accident Insurance - The state office purchases insurance for every student that goes through the training classes. In the case of an accident, call Denise Godwin with Clemson University Risk Management at 864-656-3365.
  • Ordering for Classes - lanyards, hand lenses, Master Naturalist Manuals, Rite-in-the-Rain notebooks, and other items in the Master Naturalist toolkit.
  • Promotional Items for Participants - t-shirts, field bags, decals, and hats with the Master Naturalist logo.
  • Online Database - Volunteers can enter their own hours with their username and password provided by the State Office.
  • State Conferences, Host Site & Associations meetings