Clemson World & Glimpse

PSA's research and outreach programs are regularly featured in Clemson World, the quarterly magazine for alumni and friends of Clemson University and Glimpse, Clemson's campus-wide research magazine.

Spring 2012

Life changing research at CUBEInc

Of Seeds and the River

Summer/Fall 2011

Biofuels research — cooking up new technologies

Spring 2011

Clemson's commitment to agriculture and economic development

Summer/Fall 2010

Clemson collaborators take on neglected diseases

Spring 2010

Clemson at forefront of wind energy quest

Winter 2010

Expeditions goes big time

Spring 2009

Intelligent River – Clemson collaboration is casting a digital net over the Savannah River

Spring 2008

Our Future - Written in Water

Boost for biotech and restoration 

Summer 2007

PSA articles featured in this issue:

Catching energy
Testing the five-second rule

...can be found at the following link:

Spring 2007

Age of Consequence

Just One Starfish

Winter 2007
Where the Wild Things Grow

The World is My Laboratory

Fall 2006
Shell Rings and Sea Turtles

Algae’s Secret Garden

Summer 2006
Caribbean Connections

Spring 2006
Experiment Station Pioneer

Winter 2006
More Smiling Faces – Fewer Beautiful Places?

A New Map of South Carolina

Summer 2005
New Clemson Field Guide

The Nature of Clemson 

Spring 2005
Family Factor

Fall 2004
Stop Bullying Now

Big Business in Small Packages

Summer 2004
Helping the People of South Carolina

Spring 2004
7 Habits

Matters of the Heart

World of Promise

Winter 2004
Gift of Life

Fall 2003
Beads of Promise

On Call at Central Command

Center of Thurmond Legacy

Summer 2003
Relevant Researchers