Bare roots help battle oak root rot


Guido Schanbel: Oak root rot disease is a major cause of peach tree decline in South Carolina. It kills thousands of peach trees every year and basically all growers have this problem. The fungus does not like to grow above the soil line, so if we plant peach trees on a berm and then excavate the first few inches of the primary roots, the fungus will not be able to get into the primary roots and will not be able to girdle the tree and kill the tree.

Phillip Hyder: We were having an oak root rot problem with one tree dying and with the roots intertwining with the next tree and the disease was spreading. Eventually you would lose three or four trees right around that one tree. We were losing up to forty or fifty percent of the trees over the life of the orchard. By doing this, we have actually cut the loss down to almost ten percent of the trees dying.