Keeping SC bees-ness healthy


Frederick Singleton: The national honey bee survey determines pests and diseases in honey bees because it costs a lot of money for bee keepers to combat pests and concerns. And it also limits them to marketing honey bee products if there are certain pests and diseases in their products. Foreign countries want to be sure we do not have pests and problems in honey bees. They want to be sure that they do not spend an excess amount of money controlling pests. But also we want to be sure that pests are being prohibited from coming into this country, which would also cause bee keepers to spend a lot more money on controlling pests.

Dwight Porter: They find pests in my hives that is something that I may not know about. Fred does my annual inspection every year. Every time I've called, he does a real good job of getting here and helping me do the things that I need to do to make sure I put out a good product. The benefit probably is, the people I sell the honey bees to know that they are state inspected and they should not have any diseases or pests that would be transferred along to their apiaries.