Dave Bradshaw: Begonias

Fibrous rooted begonias come in every texture and color practically. I just love this Angel Wing Begonia with its bright red flowers and a little bit of yellow stamens in the center. They have such rich foliage, they tolerate the summer heat but then they come on in the fall and just are a glorious show. I just think this a wonderful touch here and couldn’t resist this morning light to stop in and enjoy the fibrous rooted begonias. Now these are going to bloom right until frost kills them. These are a perennial begonia, but not hardy here, so they’re tender in the wintertime and they’ll be going down but what I find in many of the begonias in the right situation will drop seed and in the following spring will come up with new seedlings. I rather doubt these will because I see no seed developing here. I think these must be sterile, but since we’re not expecting any seedlings for next spring we could always come in and take little clippings of the end of the plush of growth and remove the flower and put them in a vase and they will root or we could put them in some potting soil and they would root right in the pot and keep young plants over winter for early starts next spring. So, think about using begonias in a mass situation. I like this one because it’s so open loose and airy.