Bull Test - Kevin Campbell / Frankie Mullikin


Campbell: We are at Edisto Research Station at the Edisto Forage Bull Test. We have been doing this test for thirty years, but this year because of the rising feed cost, we put the bulls back on one hundred percent forages. By utilizing forages and taking feed out of the equation, we have cut the cost to the consigners almost in half. These bulls will be adding a lot the industry in South Carolina because these will go back into commercial cattle herds. Agriculture in South Carolina is the number one industry and livestock play a critical role in that agricultural segment. 

Mullikin: I'm Frankie Mullikin with Mull Meadow Farms. I've been participating in the Clemson Bull Test for over twenty years. It is very important to our breeding program as this is a good opportunity for us to compare our genetics to other breeders in the state and to make changes to our breeding program to allow us to benefit the commercial cattle producer. Cattle prices are up now, but our inputs; fuel, grain costs, fertilizer; are up also. It's important for us to balance that out and the way we can do that is through more grass feeding. The Clemson test allows the smaller breeders to market their animals. What I would say to them is this is a good way to get to know the commercial breeders and it is a good advertisement for your farm, especially if you do well on the test.