Clemson and Italy swap peach pollen


Ksenija Gasic: One of the goals in my breeding program is breeding for nutritional properties in peaches and for that purpose I am using pollen from Italy of the varieties that I found in literature that were published for increasing the antioxidant properties in human cells. And so I collaborated with a colleague from Forli, Italy; there is a peach breeding program there. And we started the collaboration last year, so because of the quarantine and virus issues, we cannot exchange the trees, but we could exchange the pollen. So she sent me the pollen of those varieties named Alirosada and Luisa Berselli and I sent her the pollen of Winblo and Contender, the two varieties that were developed in the North Carolina breeding program that we have in our collection. And so she is using the Italian varieties as mother trees and pollen from my program and I am using the Italian varieties as pollen and pollenating them on Winblo and Contender as mother trees. We hope to produce the reciprocal crosses and use the hybrids parallel in Italy and here in Clemson and see if we come up with some better combination of nutritional properties in the future hybrids.