Edisto bull sale 2012


Kevin Campbell: We have just wrapped up the thirty-fourth annual Edisto forage bull test. We sold twenty-eight bulls at just shy of three thousand dollars a head average. The health has been fantastic, high-quality forages, they have been gaining very well. The overall condition of the bulls was excellent for the sale. The reason that we shifted to an all forage test was because of the expense. With the drought in the Midwest and the expense of feed, we needed to do something for producers to have a cheaper alternative. And since most of these bulls are going back to South Carolina beef cattle producers that are going to have these animals on forages, we wanted that trend to go through the whole production life of the bull. So, what we were looking at was things like cowpeas that cost about thirty dollars an acre to plant and we get about five thousand pounds of very high quality forage versus the corn alternative. It works out to easily ten to one savings. The bulls have averaged three pounds average daily gain for the length of the test. The rumen of the bull does not have to change back and forth between a starch and cellulosic diet so that weight that they have on should maintain them into the breeding season.

Keith Hawkins: This type of forage emulates what you would have at home. It is all grazing, no feed supplements before, during or after, and one of the major reasons I came here. It will produce the gains that consigners need and expect to see in a sale. I feel the results here were tremendous, I had the two heaviest bulls. I do not think they could have done any better under these conditions, which are totally suitable for a bull test. It was a great experience, all the staff here are friendly, accommodating and I could not have asked for a better test.