Pasture-ized beef goes green

Edisto Bull Sale, October 8, 2011


Kevin Campbell: We are at the Edisto Forage Bull Test Sale today. We have six different breeds of bulls represented in the twenty-seven bulls that will be sold today. On average they gained just over three pounds per day per head. These bulls will go back into the smaller cow herds. They are proven genetics, that is what the test was about and they will be providing the genetics for the next generation of calves that will go into the cattle industry in South Carolina and throughout the Southeast.

Frankie Mullikin: I had two bulls in the test; my bulls did really well on the test. This is the first year for an all-forage test. It is really something new and we are excited about that because it gives a lot of the commercial breeders a better example of how their calves should do on forage alone. This is a new step for Clemson and a new step for the South Carolina breeders and just an overall good project for the entire state of South Carolina.