Farmers learn to time kudzu bug spraying


Charles Davis: Last year’s research on kudzu bugs indicated that there are several important times whenever we need to spray kudzu bugs to disrupt their lifecycle and by doing that we have been able to minimize the problems we have had with this pest. Excellent research done by Doctor Jeremy Greene down at the Edisto Research Station has been very important in us determining how this insect matures and breeds and reproduces in South Carolina. So we have a very good handle on when we need to be making applications to control this bug. Once we determine when our applications need to be made on kudzu bugs, I was able to transfer that information over to my growers like Tommy Bozard, who was able to spray his insects at the appropriate time and since that time, he has had very little problems with kudzu bugs because he used our advice and our information, made a timely application, thereby he reduced his problem.

Tommy Bozard: The 2012 crop, what we did is, through Clemson’s research, they have determined how the life cycle works so we went in and sprayed during their reproductive cycle, disrupted the cycle and pretty much have not had a problem with the bugs because of that.