Improving the Sustainability of Forage Systems


Andrae: This grazing project is a two-year USDA-funded grant. The title of the grant is: Improving the Sustainability of Forage Systems in the Southeastern United States. It is focused on forage-fed beef production and we are finishing cattle on an all-legume system, which will be alfalfa and soybeans or an all-grass system, which will be MaxQ tall fescue and pearl millet. The ultimate goal of this is to improve gains of cattle, hopefully improve quality of the beef and healthfulness of that beef and improve profitability of the producer.

Duckett: Today I am ultra sounding cattle so that we can look under the hide while the animal is still on its hooves in order to evaluate carcass traits. We are looking at fat thickness, muscle depth and carcass quality. The overall goal of this project is to evaluate if legume-finished beef is more tender and would bring a greater value to the consumer.