Using good bugs to battle bad ones


Dr Powell Smith: WP Rawl is one of the largest brassica greens growers in the United States. They are very innovative and progressive farmers so they were able to take our pest-management program and build upon it. They are using threshold-based application of pesticides. Before they resort to insecticides, they try to use these purchased biological control agents to keep the population below the economic injury level. They've really taken the program and ran with it after our initial instruction in the philosophy of integrated pest management and how to manage beneficial insects for their best interest.

Charles Wingard: We had a tremendous problem controlling caterpillar pests on leafy brassica and it was causing a lot of economic damage to Lexington County growers. Powell devised new techniques, new scouting methods, new thresholds and met with the growers and really changed our mindset in how we need to go about controlling the caterpillar pests. That change of mindset has been tremendously beneficial to Lexington County growers.