Jeremy Tzeng: Intelligent Chicken Feed

Jeremy Tzeng, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Poultry is a big business in South Carolina and favorite food for many Americans. I'm Dr. Jeremy Tzeng, a Microbiologist at Clemson University. My colleagues and I, we are using nanotechnology to keep our birds and consumers healthy. Chickens can get diseases and illnesses and a handful of chicken can spread throughout the facility housing thousands. For consumers chicken can harbor many viruses, many bacteria’s, and fungi which do not cause illness in chicken but, however, do cause illness in humans. Especially when the chicken, when the bird is not properly handled, mis-handled or undercooked in food preparations.

We have been looking for a drug free alternative for using antibiotics in chicken feed. Lately my colleague and I have made significant progress in using nanotechnology to keep our birds healthy. Nanotechnology is tiny science using material one one hundred-thousandth of human hair. Scientists have been using nanotechnology to make better medicine to make faster computer to keep our food healthy. We have built nanoparticles that lock to pathogens, disease causing pathogens, and when the nanoparticles binds to the pathogens it causes the pathogen to aggregate and then allows them to pass through the chicken bowel and we call that intelligent chicken feed. It will take more research and testing before the nanoparticle is ready to be used but in not so distant future the lives of chicken and human we believe will live a better life because of the use of intelligent chicken feed.